No. No, I saw her die. She was dead for a day and night before they stripped her naked and threw her body in the river. Raymund opened her throat from ear to ear. She was dead.

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Babes in Boyland

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Nature and Laura’s Ultimate Fate

After realizing she can never be part of humanity, Laura escapes to the woods in the Scottish highlands. Earlier in the film, we see her being distracted from her mission as she admires the beautiful sunlight flowing through the windows of her van, and later is calmed and captivated by a bank of fog that envelopes her, reacting with curiosity to the call of a bird in the distance.

In the forest, Glazer presents images of Laura melding or enmeshed with nature: her face almost unrecognizable amidst a tangle of branches, and the superimposition of her sleeping form in the treetops as Laura dreams of finally having found a place to belong. But mankind, in both the overall and more literal sense, is not finished with her: she is attacked and raped by a logger, who then sets her on fire and murders her after he destroys her fragile human skin and reveals her alien form beneath.

In death, however, Laura’s dream is fulfilled: her ashes rain down from the grey sky to live on amongst the trees and the forest.

These ideas are more clearly expressed in the source novel, where author Michel Faber has the advantage of spelling out in text what Glazer chooses to abstract through visuals. Laura’s counterpart in the novel, Isserley, also chooses to self-destruct and is not murdered, but the final image of the novel and film remain largely the same: Laura, a misfit divorced from both humanity and her own kind, finally finds peace in the Earth-bound nature whose beauty she admired.

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Jean-Honoré Fragonard :
The Progress of Love: The Lover Crowned (1771-1772) details.

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A rare Dillane sighting in the wild.

From “The Greatest Game Ever Played” special features.

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Went to bed at 2am dooming myself for 3h of sleep and being a fucking zombie today at work because I just had to see more of Fargo.

Worth it.

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Fargo theory


Sorry to derail from Sherlock, but I’m (of course) watching Fargo and I keep reading reviews and I can’t find one that addresses this, so I’m asking you guys because I know some of you are watching too:

Lester’s hand wound is psychosomatic, right?

I was really thrown off in episode 2 at the…

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Fargo  |  A Muddy Road

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Fargo  |  The Rooster Prince

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Fargo  |  The Crocodile’s Dilemma

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Watching Fargo and it has so many familiar faces.

Saul Goodman.

Derek Shephard’s wife

Tom Hanks’ son.

Keith Carradine.

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"My agent’s sister cooked me a little barbecue [after winning the role on Game of Thrones]. It was lovely. Then I came home to London and proceeded to be drunk for about three weeks."

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Then what shall we die for?

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